Privacy Policy

This policy describes how GIFTCARDSAVING.COM platform collects and uses personal information in order to prevent fraud and operate all services on our platform such as process orders or selling gift card. There are some types of personal information which we will gather including IP address, SSN, name, phone number, address, transaction history.



We know that it’s very important in protecting user personal information. Thus, we have applied technique safeguards on our platform to secure all these sensitive data. For example, all data will be protected by SSL encryption. On the other hand, no security system is safe 100% so that USER should realize that they will take their own risk and we will not be liable due to unauthorized access USER’s personal information.


Reasons we can share your personal information Does GIFTCARDSAVING.COM share? Can you limit this sharing?
For our everyday business purposes – such as to process your transactions, maintain your account(s), respond to court orders and legal investigations, or report to credit bureaus Yes No
For our marketing purposes – to offer our products and services to you Yes No
For joint marketing with other financial companies Yes No
For our affiliates' everyday business purposes – information about your transactions and experiences Yes No
For our affiliates' everyday business purposes – information about your credit worthiness Yes No
For our affiliates to market to you Yes No
For our nonaffiliates to market to you Yes No


This privacy policy is effective in June 2019